89th Annual Downtown Fresno Christmas Parade: Future Christmas

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the 89th Annual Downtown Fresno Christmas Parade! We can't wait for this awesome community tradition to return in the Future... Parades like this are impossible without volunteers like you, we thank you for all your help!

Event Details

The 89th Annual Downtown Fresno Christmas Parade is on its second year, returning to its original location: the newly re-opened Fulton Street. This year’s theme is Future Christmas.

Who: Performers, Marching Bands, Bands, Clubs, and Organizations
What: Parade down Fulton Street
When: Saturday, December 8th, 1 pm
Where: Fulton Street, downtown Fresno
Why: To celebrate the beginning of the Christmas season with the community, friends and local businesses.

Volunteer Positions:

Volunteer Check-In: 8:30am-1: 30 pm (2 available) - Volunteer Check-ins are in charge of welcoming and checking in the volunteers, hand the packets and direct volunteers to their positions.

Assembly Crew (Staging Area): 9 am- 2 pm (16 available) - Helping the participants find their group, assisting the group check-in directors.

Assembly Crew (VIP Area): 10am-3pm ( 2 available)-  Assist the VIP Area staff with setting up, guest check-in, guest welcome, etc.

Assembly Crew (Route/Tear Down Lot): 8:30 am - 10:30 am (6 available) - Making sure there are no vehicles parked on the route. Placing signage around the route, tear down locations etc.

Participant Street Welcomers: 9am- 12:30pm (10 available) - Intersection guiding participants to the Assembly/Staging area.

Group Check-In Directors: 9am-2pm ( 4 available)- Responsibilities are staging appointed groups. Each group will have one check-in directors, who will also have 3 more assembly crew for each group. Checks in directors are in charge of directing the participants to their specific line position. Group check-in directors are also in charge of making sure the participants get their line up number.

Banner Carriers:  10:30am-2pm (40 available)- Holding Sponsor banners, walking the parade route with the participants. Each banner requires 2 people. This is the most fun volunteers position at the parade. Volunteers for this position must be able to walk the entire route, wearing the shirts, and hats provided by Downtown Fresno Partnership.

Tear Down Crew (Staging Area): 1 pm - 3:00 pm ( 4 available)-Direct the participants coming back from the teardown location, helping the participants find dumpsters, portable toilets. The volunteers are also responsible to clean up staging lot (H street parking lot) from signage, A-frames etc.

Tear Down Crew (Route/Tear Down Lot): 12:30pm-4: 30 pm (8 available)- Tear down signage, banners, guide the parade participants to the teardown lot, or to the exit of the parade. Thank participants for being a part of the parade, making sure the teardown lot is clean.  

Announcer Assistant (Various Locations) 11am-3pm (4 available) – Giving the Binders to the announcers, making sure they have everything they need, checking power, water.

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