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* 1. I am a:

* 2. My student is (or I am) enrolled as a student in:

* 3. Book level?

* 4. Please rate our instructors and courses with 1 being least satisfied and 5 being most satisfied.

  Least Satisified Most Satisfied N/A
Andrea Cannon (Guitar)
Brenda Jaeger (Art)
Carol Tarr (Cello)
Carol Tarr (CelloTeacher Trainer)
Don Russell (Magic)
Joanna Binford (Chamber music)
Joanna Binford (Viola)
Joanna Binford (Violin)
Kelly Dennis (Choir)
Kivalina Grove (Origami)
Mary Schallert (Fiddling)
Miriam DeLap (Chimes)
Miriam Delap (Dance)
Miriam Delap (Music for Littles)
Miriam Delap (Orff)
Miriam Delap (Percussion)
Sandra Payton (Violin)
Sherry Cadow (Violin Book I Teacher Trainer)
Sherry Cadow (Violin)
Tracy Helming (Violin)

* 5. What two things did you most like about the institute?

* 6. What two things most need improvement at the institute?

* 7. What was your favorite Elective?

* 8. What Elective(s) would you like to see us offer at future institutes? What topics would you like to have for the daily parent talks? How were the topics this year?

* 9. Are you planning to register for institute before 15 September 2014 in order to take advantage of locking in this year's tuition rates?

* 10. Is there anything else you would like to let us know? Please use the space below. Thank you.