This year in August, we hosted 4 live cultural artist performances outside the Highwood Recreation Center. We are writing a grant (requesting money) to again offer this experience to our community for the summer of 2020.  We hope to invite back the Somali Dance Troupe and the Bollywood Dancers, and are looking for community input on other choices.

Please vote below. You can click on links to hear the different artists and see videos. We can't guarantee these performers, it depends on their cost and availability,  but hope we can get an idea of who our community prefers!

Voting will be closed on December 10 because the grant is due the next week.

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* 1. Please indicate your preferences for the performing artists below.  You may click on each name to go to a page with a video of the artist.  The list isn't exhaustive, but includes some groups we already know about. You can mark up to 3 artist choices.

  Absolutely Maybe Not interested
Siama's Congo, Music from the heart of Africa
Afoutayi Haitian Dance, Haitian dance and drumming
Native Pride Dancers, Indigenous dance and drumming
Kalpulli Yaocenoxtli, Mexican Nahua dance, drum and song
Thunder Band, Local Somali musicians, featuring Somali qaarami songs (vocalist Geedi, oud player Najax, and percussionist Harbi)
Sumunar, Indonesian Gamelan and dance
Ticket to Brasil, South American music and dance
The Greek Dancers of MN, Greek folk dance troupe promoting Hellenic culture and history
Hmong Dance or Qeej performance,  TBD

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* 2. We will be inviting local artists and performers to serve as opening acts for the Highwood Series artists. Performers will be paid a stipend for their time (roughly $150-$250) for about a 30 minute performance. Groups can be youth bands, local spoken word artists, drummers, dancers, folk musicians, etc.

If you have suggestions, please include their information here. Please write in a phone number, email or website if you have it. It's too difficult to track down people if we don't have enough information.