* 1. Are you White/British; White/European; of African descent; of Caribbean descent; Middle-Eastern; Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Filipino, Indian; Bangladeshi; Pakistani; Sri Lankan, Nepali (covers parts of India), Gypsy,Traveller Other?

* 2. Is your first language and/or do you speak any of the following: please tick all that apply

* 3. What guidance and support do you receive from your universities international students office about renting private accommodation? if any, do you feel this is helpful?

* 4. Accessing the UK’s ‘National Health Service’ (NHS) and medical care needs: Are NHS services as good and easy to use as in your home country? Yes or No. If ‘No,’ please give an example of difficulty with accessing and/or using NHS services.

* 5. Banking and bills payments (difficulty or ease of use of UK bank accounts, credit/debit card payments, etc): if you have experienced difficulties in using UK banks services (such as not being warned about charges, etc), please describe these.

* 6. Do you have or have you, as an international student, experienced any academic/course study and course administration issues/problems (such as insufficient understanding about and support with written English needs for assignments, etc): Yes or No. If 'Yes please provide an example.

* 7. Part-time employment issues. If you are engaged in part-time employment, do you feel exploited (taken advantage of in terms of working hours, payment level, working conditions unhealthy/unsafe, etc). Yes or No. If ‘Yes’ please provide any details that you may wish to share.

* 8. Have you experience of anti-social behaviour relating to your ethnicity by mainstream UK residents in social settings (‘pubs and nightclubs,’ etc) and in shops, etc. Yes or No. If 'Yes please provide an example.

* 9. Have you experienced any common, day-to-day living problems such as with mobile phone contracts and related charges, etc, due to language differences . Yes or No. If 'yes please give an example.

* 10. Social isolation issues regarding your ethnicity in terms of socialising, forming friendships with non-ethnic UK students and mainstream UK citizens in social and other day-to-day settings (both at your college/university and in the general community. Have you encountered such issues: Yes or No. If 'yes, please give an example, and also any practical suggestion about how greater international student and UK student/general community interaction and formation of friendships could be encouraged.

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