DSM Transparency Scoping Survey

Thank you for your interest in this survey. Before you get started, below is a brief description.


This questionnaire collects opinions on the issues concerning transparency in the operations and governance of deep-sea mineral exploration and mining (DSM). Although some identified issues will likely be broadly relevant for all kinds of marine mining, the specific focus of this project is on exploration and mining for:

·        manganese nodules (found on the deep seabed);
·        polymetallic crusts (usually on ridges and seamounts); and,
·        seafloor massive sulphides (associated with hydrothermal vents)

–both within and beyond national jurisdictions.


This questionnaire, which will feed into the work of the Deep-sea Mining Transparency Correspondence Group (DSM TCG), has three purposes, to:

1)      help direct the work of the DSM TCG;
2)      scope issues that will inform the development of further public consultations; and,
3)      feed into Jeff Ardron’s PhD research at the University of Southampton.


There are five sections, covering:

i)       inputs to decision-making;
ii)      the decision-making process;
iii)     operations & outcomes;
iv)     other issues (as identified by you); and,
v)      some questions about yourself.

Privacy and Consent

The information collected from this survey is part of the PhD research of Jeff Ardron, University of Southampton. Your personal information collected in this questionnaire, including attribution of statements, will not be shared without your explicit permission. However, aggregated statistics as well as anonymised statements may be published.

Completing this first questionnaire should take about 20 minutes. Thank you in advance for your time.

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