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* 1. Do you think Bella and Edward's relationship is healthy? (In other words, are they good for each other?)

* 2. Do you think Bella is a positive role model? (In other words, do you think she is a good character to look up to?)

* 3. Explain your answer on why you think Bella is a positive or negative role model. For Example: Bella is a positive role model because the films are about choices and she chooses Edward...

* 4. Do you think Edward is a positive portrayal of a Romantic hero? Do you think he is a good character for young boys or men to look to on romance and chivalry? (In other words, does Edward represent good ideals in a romantic relationship?)

* 5. Please explain your answer, Tell us why you think Edward is a good or bad representation of a romantic hero, what is it you like about him? For example: Edward is a positive representation of a romantic because we live in a cynical age and romance doesn't exist in the same way anymore...

* 6. From the options below, which of these factors make The Twilight Saga so popular? (Please choose all that apply)

* 7. Taking from your personal experience, why do you like the twilight saga? why are you a fan and why do you think it's a cultural phenomenon?

* 8. Are you part of the online Twilight community?

* 9. If so, why? what do you get out of the forums, groups, discussion boards etc? What do you contribute to the online Twilight community? Talk about your online experiences, have you made friends through Twilight etc

* 10. Finally, Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?