* 1. Do you plan on taking a vacation in 2013 or 2014? If yes, when & where?

* 2. What is your Dream Destination (you may have more than one)? Is there anywhere you NEVER want to go?

* 3. In what season would you say you most often go on vacation (check all that apply)?

* 4. How do you like to travel?

* 5. Length of stay:

* 6. What is the reason for this trip & who will be joining you?

* 7. What is your preferred leisure travel type?

* 8. What type of activities/special interest do you like to engage in while on vacation (ex. adventure, culture/history, gambling, golf, water activities, etc)?

* 9. What are your preferred destinations & cruise lines (if applicable)? Please specify the city, country or island within the selected region.

* 10. Please enter your contact information here so that we may contact you with the results of the Free Getaway contest.

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