* 1. What is the main objective of lobbying?

* 2. What are at least three best practices to consider when engaging in lobbying or legislative advocacy?

* 3. Calling legislators is the single most effective method recommended by the presenter to advocate for legislative change.

* 4. What are two societal issues facing your clients (or vulnerable populations in South Carolina) you can identify as possible reasons to advocate for change?

* 5. After viewing this presentation, do you feel more knowledgeable and/or comfortable about communicating with legislators? Why or why not?

* 6. What is your biggest "takeaway" from this training? Anything you were surprised to learn?

* 7. Thank you for completing this quiz.

Once your results are processed, successful candidates will receive a CEU certificate indicating completion of this online 1.5 social work contact hour workshop. If you have any questions you may email Lana Cook at the USC College of Social Work Field Education Office at LanaC@mailbox.sc.edu. Thank you and we hope you found this beneficial to your work.