Jim Marshall with the 911 Training Institute will be teaching two different, one-day courses offered on Tuesday, November 15th and Wednesday, November 16th, 2022. The courses will be held in Muncie, Indiana, from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. EST. They are being hosted by Delaware County Emergency Communications and the Board is covering the cost of the course for attendees. (There are 35 available seats in each class).

Attendees are welcome to register for one course or both.

Course Descriptions

Foundations of Emergency Mental Health Dispatching-Tuesday, November 15, 2022
Throughout the U.S., our 9-1-1 Professionals and field responders are under enormous scrutiny in their management of calls involving folks with mental illness. Emergency Mental Health Dispatching:

·         Is a new Science-Driven Best Practice that empowers 9-1-1 Pros with the knowledge and tools they need for optimal response to callers with mental illness
·         Boosts dispatcher ability and confidence in managing these high-risk calls
·         Incorporates resilience training to optimize the 9-1-1Pro’s real-time response during high-stress calls.
·         Avoids “cookie cutter” solutions and allows dispatchers to think creatively using their own unique style with each unique call guided by good science.

9-1-1 Pros participating in this day of training will…
·         Discover the “EMHD MindSet”: a set of key insights about callers-at-risk that fosters strong alliances, better cooperation, and less risk of violence on scene
·         Practice the “EMHD SkillSet” to regulate psycho-physiological distress, rally best thinking, help the caller, AND protect dispatcher resilience
·         Gain strategies to de-escalate the caller’s Mental States that can fuel worse outcomes
·         Get prepared to boost confidence and decrease anxiety relating to high-risk callers

Building 911 LifeBridges to Suicide Callers-Wednesday, November 16, 2022

This course was custom-designed by a Mental Health Pro especially for 9-1-1Pros. It’s a unique opportunity for you to…
·         Gain confidence and stress less as you revitalize your work with callers at risk of suicide
·         Attain powerful new insights about factors driving suicide to help you rehumanize and relate more easily to these callers
·         Boost your effectiveness by learning to build a "LifeBridge" to the person at risk, with three key elements:

1. An optimal human connection leading to a Strong Alliance that can help prevent suicide
2. The LifeBridges FlexProtocol™--a science-driven tool created by the Institute to help you better assess suicide
3. Power to Intervene: bring out the best in yourself and shift from feeling helpless to feeling equipped with high-risk callers as you rally Emergency Mental Health Dispatching™ skills and strategies.

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