Family Voices: a collection of Métis family experiences

We are calling on all Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) citizens and storytellers! Participate in the our “Family Voices” initiative and help commemorate and reflect on the remarkable success of the MNO over the past 30 years, and celebrate the profound impact of the landmark Métis rights case R v. Powley.

In honour of these historic milestones, the MNO is compiling a collection of stories directly from citizens into a single book, available free of charge throughout our communities. These stories will provide a contemporary snapshot of what Métis families have experienced, highlighting the growth and positive development brought about by the work of the MNO – particularly post-Powley.

Your stories are the heartbeats of our community. Whether it's a tale of resilience, cultural revival, or newfound opportunities, your story matters! Share your story and help us celebrate the growth of the MNO and our communities.

At this time only stories from verified Citizens will be collected.
1.I confirm that I am a MNO Citizen.
2.Please complete your name, address , phone number and email address. This information will be needed in order to reach you in the future.
3.Please check box below yes as a signed declaration in order for MNO to use your story in the book.
4.What does the Powley Decision mean to your family?
How has the recognition of your right to hunt and harvest impacted you and your family?

MAX 1000 words
5.Please share your thoughts about the growth of the MNO, the changes you've seen within our Métis communities and Métis government, and your own experience since 2003.

MAX 1000 words