Chat with an Expert is a program sponsored by the Graduate Student Leadership Committee that matches expert toxicologists and postdocs with trainees (postdoc or graduate) to meet at the 2020 SOT Annual Meeting for an informal chat session, either one-on-one or in a very small (max 3 students) group setting. The GSLC invites your participation to help inspire the next generation of toxicologists.

By proceeding with the survey below, you are indicating that you:

            -Are a professional toxicologist or toxicology postdoc

            -Will be attending 2020 SOT Annual Meeting in Anaheim, CA at least one day from March 15 -19, 2020

            -Would like to be matched with at least one SOT trainee member (postdoc or graduate student) for an informal chat session during the Annual Meeting

            -Agree to communicate with your match either through email or cell phone contact information to schedule your chat session during the Annual Meeting after the initial match email has been received

            -Provide the GSLC with feedback after the meeting to help improve the CWAE program.

This registration is for experts only. Student and postdoc trainee registration will open in early February.