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In an effort to better serve the Tribal Community, the Klamath Tribes are working to develop a Comprehensive Five-Year Strategic Plan for the Klamath Tribal Administration. When referring to Tribal Administration this includes the following departments: Administration, Judiciary, Planning, AMBODAT (Fisheries, Hydrology, Lab, Restoration, Water Rights), Housing, Social Services, Community Services, Commodities, Youth Services, Education & Employment, Early Childhood Development, Language, Culture & Heritage, Member Benefits, Natural Resources, Public Safety, Public Information, and Support Services. This plan will focus on the Tribal Administration departments’ operations and service delivery to ensure quality satisfaction and adequate resource capacity. This plan will support the Tribes’ staff in understanding the core priorities of the community, what services should be expanded, and how to improve services as a whole. 

To inform the development of this strategic plan, the Tribes are conducting a Community Needs, Priorities, & Satisfaction Survey. The Tribes are seeking responses from all Klamath Tribal Members living in or out of Klamath County. 

This anonymous survey is your opportunity to give your input and opinions on how the Klamath Tribal Administration can improve and better serve you. Your participation is greatly appreciated and will support the Tribes in improving and accessing additional funding. 

All participants in this survey have the opportunity to enter a drawing for 10 $50 Gift Cards. If you would like to participate please provide your email and Tribal Enrollment Number in the final question. This information will not be identifiable to your responses to other questions.
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