The National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) has retained the Stantec Institute for Water Technology & Policy to develop a cost analysis for estimating the effects of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) on wastewater and biosolids management across the United States. The project will capture current estimates of compliance costs and illustrate the potential impacts on the clean water community. Conclusions will serve as a resource for NACWA members and utilities as well as federal, state, and local legislators and regulators that are currently addressing PFAS issues within their watersheds.
This is the second time a PFAS Cost Impact Study is being done through NACWA for Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTWs). The initial survey was published in 2019 which can be found here. This current 2022 survey is primarily targeted to capture cost information related to biosolids management, source control, monitoring, etc for POTWs to assess the impacts due to PFAS. The results of this current 2022 survey will be published in 2023 and will benefit all stakeholders and policy makers in the cost management of wastewater and biosolids in the U.S. due to PFAS concerns.

Contact Info
For assistance, please contact Joan Oppenheimer (Stantec) at or Emily Remmel (NACWA) at or Danielle Cloutier (NACWA) at
Thank you for participating. Your feedback is vitally important because it will create the database from which POTW PFAS cost implications are generated.