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Thanks for helping us learn more about how to better serve you. There are only a few short questions, and your answers will help us learn more about how you see the station.

1. Which of the following do you think are sources of KLRC funding (check all that apply)?

2. Please rank the following potential funding channels in order of importance from those you believe contribute the most to KLRC to those that contribute the least.

  Contributes Most More Some Less Contributes Least
John Brown University
Listener Donations
Government Grants
Religious Organizations
Local Businesses

3. Were you aware of KLRC's Sharathon occurring just a few days ago?

4. Do you find yourself listening to KLRC for more, less, or about the same amount of time when Sharathon is on?

5. How often do you think KLRC asks for money?

6. What do you remember most about this year's Sharathon?

7. Are there specific stories that stood out to you during the event?

8. If you called in a donation during Sharathon, how was your experience with the person on the phone?

9. Is there anything else concerning KLRC's Sharathon or fundraising efforts that you would like to comment on?

10. Are you aware that KLRC is now broadcasting at 90.9 FM?

11. Why do you think KLRC purchased a new signal (please select all that apply) ?

12. Did KLRC's move to 90.9 FM cause you to...

13. How do you listen to KLRC (please select all that apply)?

14. If you would like to be entered in a drawing for one of two pair of tickets to Anita Renfroe's "Mother of all Comedy tours" in Fayetteville on May 11th, please include your name and contact information.