We want your feedback!

Each year Rocky Mountain Human Services (RMHS) develops an annual plan, which provides organizational direction and defines key goals and objectives. View our current plan here.

Input and feedback from our community is vital to the process of establishing a clear path and direction. We want to hear from you as we begin developing the Annual Plan for fiscal year 2017-2018! Your comments will remain anonymous, but if you would like to talk with someone regarding this survey or provide additional feedback, please contact Becky Miller, Stakeholder Liaison at RMHS, at 303-636-5897 or bmiller@rmhumanservices.org.

* 1. Please rank RMHS on the following areas:

  Weak Average Strong
Exibits professional expertise
Obtains knowledge about individuals accepting services
Delivers person-centered services
Identifies opportunities to improve inefficiencies 
Utilizes creative problem solving
Values and partners with others
Actively listens/actively solicits information and listens to others
Timeliness of phone/email responses
Timeliness of organizational information reporting
Addresses concerns in a professional and timely manner
Provides transparency
Communicates effectively
Consistently follows through with plans to achieve goals 

* 2. What makes RMHS unique?

* 3. What do you think needs to change at RMHS in the upcoming year?

* 4. Which RMHS program are you most familiar with?