The Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments is conducting an assessment of the Waterbury branch line rail service. This survey will help us determine rider habits and identify service enhancements. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey and return it to the representative before you leave the train.
Your responses are important and we appreciate your time in answering them. Thank you...

* 1. Date / Time of Survey

Date / Time

* 2. Do you regularly take the Waterbury train?

* 3. What are the reasons you do not use the Waterbury Train? Please check all that apply...

* 6. At which station did you board this train?

* 8. How did you get to the train station for this trip?

* 9. At which station will you get off this train?

* 10. Do you plan to transfer to another Metro-North train? Or did you transfer from another Metro-North train?

* 11. If you usually transfer to or from another Metro-North train, at which station do you transfer?

* 12. What is your final station stop?

* 13. If you transfer from another Metro-North train to get home, what is your starting station?

* 14. How will you get from the train station to your destination?

* 15. What is your primary reason for riding the train today?

* 16. Will you or are you using the train to make a round trip ?

* 17. If do not use the train for the return trip, how do usually make the return trip?

* 18. How often, on average, do you use the Waterbury branch line train?

* 19. What are the major problems you have using the Waterbury branch trains? Please check all that apply...

* 20. What improvements would you like to see on the Waterbury branch line? Please check all that apply...

* 21. Would you support a permanent transfer station at Devon, if it provided greater access to main line trains?

* 22. Please provide any additional comments you wish to make...Thank You