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Dear Members,

Earlier this year we successfully launched the inaugural “Trends in the Workplace 2008” survey The survey produced a rich harvest of information of how employers are responding in their different markets to trends in an increasingly globalized marketplace. The complete survey (English only) is currently available on the IOE website along with summaries of the survey results in English, French and Spanish.

For the 2009 survey, in addition to asking some of the same questions, so as to identify trends year on year, our intention is to probe a bit deeper on some of the issues raised in the 2008 survey, specifically relating to demographic change; women and migrants in the labour market; and skills.

The 2009 survey consists of twenty five questions (half the number asked last year) and is designed in such a way as to allow responding organizations to simply tick boxes. However, we encourage respondents to provide as much relevant information as they feel is required in order to give an accurate picture of the national situation for the questions asked (as was the case last year all information collected is confidential and no individual country will be specifically referenced in the final Report of the survey).

I thank you most warmly in advance for your cooperation in this exercise.

Yours sincerely,

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