Pastor Search Team survey

You have a voice!

The work of the Pastor Search Team has changed significantly since we first started interviewing prospects nearly a year ago.  

·       All of our PST meetings and interviews are via Zoom;

·       Some candidates who originally indicated they were willing to move, even cross-country, are now reluctant to do so;

·       Meetings, worship, and classes throughout the church are either virtual or demand masks and physical distancing.

We’d like to know if your perspective has changed as well. Please give us your thoughts about the following questions:

Question Title

* 1. How have the dramatic changes of 2020 affected your view of qualities we need in a new pastor?

Question Title

* 2. What gifts and graces may have more importance in light of pandemic restrictions and renewed attention to social justice?

Question Title

* 3. Other thoughts you would like to share?

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