LWVIN Sponsored 2016 LWVUS Convention Scholarship Application

Thank you for taking time to apply for a LWVIN sponsored 2016 LWVUS scholarship!  Please complete this application in full and follow the instructions along the way.

Please submit all your information to the LWVIN by May 2, 2016.

* 1. Local League Name

* 2. Contact Address

* 3. What is your local League's total budgeted expenses and income for FY 2015/2016?

* 4. What is your local League's largest expense line (i.e. membership recruitment, publications) ?

* 5. Does your local League have a line item in its budget for LWVUS Convention? Yes or No.

* 6. How many members in total does your local League hope to send to the 2016 LWVUS Convention?

* 7. Does your local League have a fund development / fundraising income line item in its budget?

* 8. Did your local League participate in a review of the LWVUS proposed program for 2016 - 2018? 

* 9. How might your local League use knowledge learned at the 2016 LWVUS Convention to support "Making Democracy Work" activities in your community?

* 10. (Optional) Why do you personally want to attend?