St. Mary Parish - Religious Education

This past year you taught in our new Family Faith Formation program.

To assist us in our continuing efforts to strengthen the Catholic faith formation of our young Parishioners, we would like your anonymous feedback on your experience. Please complete this survey, by May 11th, which will help us to identify what worked as well as areas for improvement. We will be using your feedback to help plan for the upcoming year. Thank you for participating. Your feedback is very important.

Msgr. Larry Bronkiewicz

* 1. What grade level did you teach this year?

* 2. I taught on

* 3. Including this year, how many years have you taught in the St. Mary Religious Ed program?

* 4. Did you like our new Family Faith Formation program?

* 5. What did you like the most?

* 6. What did you like the least?

* 7. Do you feel the children grew in their Catholic faith more than they would have in the traditional weekly program?

* 8. The response of the children to classes was positive.

* 9. The overall response of most parents was positive.

* 10. The materials were beneficial.

* 11. I was able to come to Catechist information sessions each month.

* 12. I was prepared to cover the materials with the children each month.

* 13. Are you able to attend Sunday Mass regularly?

* 14. What do you think went well on the Family Faith Formation monthly session days?

* 15. What improvements/changes would you recommend for Family Faith Formation monthly sessions?

* 16. How can parents help you in the preparation of monthly sessions?

* 17. Did you have the children memorize the memory verse?

* 18. Do you think the vocabulary used in the lessons was easy, difficult or just right for the children to understand?

* 19. Do  you think the children remember previous lessons?

* 20. I used the priest paper doll.

* 21. I used the Liturgical Calendar.

* 22. I used the Bible when referring to scripture.

* 23. Please share a blessing you experienced through Family Faith Formation this year.

* 24. Please share a challenge you faced through Family Faith Formation this year.

* 25. Any suggestion(s) on how we can improve the overall Family Faith Formation experience? 

* 26. Would you be interested in teaching Family Faith Formation again next year?

* 27. Are there any other comments, concerns or observations that might be helpful to us?

* 28. This survey is anonymous, however, you may leave your contact information below, if you wish.

Thank you for assisting the Parents to be the primary educators of the faith!