1. Notfication Survey

Welcome to the survey for the San Francisco Planning Department's Universal Planning Notification (UPN) Project. The UPN project seeks to consolidate, simplify and improve the Planning Department’s public notification processes, which currently number more than 40.

Examples of Planning Department notfications include: PUBLIC HEARINGS before the Planning Commission (i.e. Conditional Use and Rezoning), Historic Preservation Commission (i.e. Landmark Designation and Certificate of Appropriateness) and Zoning Administrator (i.e. Variance); BUILDING PERMIT APPLICATIONS for demolition, new construction and alteration pursuant to Planning Code Sections 311 and 312; and, ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW (i.e. preparation of Environmental Impact Report - EIR).

Your participation in this survey will provide valuable input to the Department and assist in development of improved notification standards.

To keep informed of updates on the UPN project, please visit our website at http://upn.sfplanning.org.

* For notifications of PUBLIC HEARINGS, did the notice help you understand the ACTION or DECISION that was to be made on the project by the Planning Commission/Historic Preservation Commission/Zoning Administrator?

* For notifications of BUILDING PERMIT APPLICATIONS WITH PLANS ("Section 311/312"), what was the most useful element (NOTICE or PLANS)?

* Did you contact staff assigned to the project or submit any materials to the Planning Department?

* Please rate the usefulness/helpfulness of the following notification elements (1 being least useful and 5 being most helpful):

  1 2 3 4 5 N/A
MAILED NOTICE – written description on notice
MAILED NOTICE – plans included with notice
POSTED NOTICE – written description on poster
POSTED NOTICE – location and size of poster
NEWSPAPER AD – written description

* For PUBLIC HEARINGS, what would be your preferred method of viewing Planning Department notifications? (choose one)

* For BUILDING PERMIT APPLICATIONS ("Section 311/312"), what would be your preferred method of viewing Planning Department notifications? (choose one)

* If plans were available online (via the Planning Department website) rather than mailed, how likely would you be to review them electronically (recognizing the environmental benefits of reduced paper usage)?

* Please provide any additional suggestions regarding potential improvements to our notification process.

* Thank you for your interest in, and help to improve, our public notification processes.

If you would like to be added to the contact list for the UPN project, please provide the following information.