Centre for Cities: Stalled Developments Survey

The Centre for Cities is working with the European Investment Bank and DCLG to evaluate the feasibility of Urban Development Funds (UDF) across the UK. As a part of our research, we want to find out where development is stalled in order to gauge the potential for UDFs in the UK cities.

That’s where you come in.

Please answer these 4 questions to let us know where there’s a stalled development in your area.

* 1. Where is the stalled development?
(Please provide address, intersection, or post code and city)

* 2. Are there any signs or names of affiliated companies (e.g., developers) posted around the site? If so, please list them.

* 3. How long (best estimate) has work been stopped on the site?

* 4. Please include any further comments in the text box below (e.g., development is residential, business or mixed use). If you have a picture of the stalled site, please email it to z.wilcox@centreforcities.org.

* 5. (Optional) Please submit your email address if you would like to be contacted because you have more information.