1. How often do you buy something new?

2. Why do you buy clothes?

3. How has the recession affected you?

4. What type of shopper are you?

5. Come on, be honest, what type of shopper were you a year or so ago?

6. How have your shopping habits changed since this time last year?

7. The shop assistant in the changing room said you looked ‘amaaazing’ but now you’ve got that dress home, you’re not so sure... Do you:

8. When updating your wardrobe, do you go for:

9. You spy a gorgeous designer dress in Grazia – but its way out of your price range. Do you:

10. Buying little treats like the latest colour lipstick or a pair of decorative tights:

11. No matter how black the recession, which ‘high fashion fix’ have you refused to give up?

12. What attracts you to a shop?

13. What other areas of your life would you cut back on to be able to buy clothes?

14. When you return from a shopping trip how do you feel?

15. How much do you expect to spend on your next shopping trip (approx)?