St. Mary Parish - Religious Education

This past year your child participated in our CHOSEN confirmation prep program.

To assist us in our continuing efforts to strengthen the Catholic faith formation of our young Parishioners, we would like your anonymous feedback on your experience. Please complete this survey, by May 11th, which will help us to identify what worked as well as areas for improvement. We will be using your feedback to help plan for the upcoming year. Thank you for participating. Your feedback is very important.

Msgr. Larry Bronkiewicz

* 1. Did your child enjoy our CHOSEN program this year?

* 2. What did he/she enjoy the most?

* 3. What did he/she enjoy the least?

* 4. Any suggestion(s) on how we can improve CHOSEN?

* 5. Any other comments, concerns or observations that might be helpful to us?

* 6. This survey is anonymous, however, If you would like to share your name and contact info, please provide it in the space below.

Thank you for participating in our survey!