* 1. What was the manner of contact you had with the Laconia Police Department?

* 2. What did your contact involve?

* 3. If you requested police services, was the response timely?

* 4. Was the representative of the police department:

  Very Acceptable Acceptable Neutral Not Acceptable Very Un-acceptable

* 5. Are you satisfied overall with the quality of service provided by the Laconia Police Department?

* 6. If you need the services of the Laconia Police Department in the future, are you confident that the response will be professional and effective?

* 7. In your opinion, which of these law enforcement issues listed below pose a serious problem, somewhat of a problem, not much of a problem or not a problem in Laconia?

  Serious Problem Somewhat of a problem Not much of a problem Not a problem Do not know
Alcohol Related Offenses
Drug Related Offenses
Domestic Violence
Sexual Assault
Burglary (Breaking and Entering)
Hate/Bias crime
Vandalism/Property Damage
Traffic & Road Safety
Youth Crimes
Noise Complaints
Weapon Offenses

* 8. Please indicate below where you would like to see the Laconia Police Department utilize more of their resourcese:

* 9. Do you feel safe walking alone in Laconia?

* 10. in the past THREE (3) months, were you or anyone in your household a victim of any crime?

* 11. What can we do to improve police service in Laconia?

* 12. Please tell us about yourself.

* 13. My age is:

* 14. In Laconia, do you?

* 15. If you haven't done so, please browse our website prior to completing the survey and give us your thoughts and any comments for improvements.