1. Employer Views

Note: Filling out this survey indicates that I am giving my informed consent to be a participant in this study.

* 1. To what extent are you, as a corporate leader, familiar with the military service?

  Not Familiar Somewhat Familiar Familiar Very Familiar Fully Knowledgable Served in Military
Familiar With Military

* 2. To what extent are you, as a corporate leader or senior manager, familiar with service member obligations?

  Not Familiar Somewhat Familiar Familiar Very Familiar Fully Informed Served in Military
Obligation Familiarity

* 3. What is the level of commitment made by your organization to the concept of organizational learning?

  Unfamiliar with Concept Familiar with Concept Committed to Concept Systematically Apply Concept Core Cultural Value
Organizational Learning

* 4. What is the level of support you give to your veteran/employee to his/her service obligation?

  Uncommitted Supportive Implemented Support Programs Core Cultural Value

* 5. To what extent have you talked with your veteran/employee in ways that integrate his/her service experiences into organizational learning?

  No Discussion Some Discussion Fully Informed Systematically Integrete Knowledge Core Cultural Value
Experience Integration

* 6. Describe how knowledge provided by your veteran/employee’s military experience was captured by your organization.

* 7. Describe how you integrated veteran/employee military experience into the day-to-day operations of your organization.

* 8. Describe how this knowledge enhanced organizational effectiveness?

* 9. Please feel free to add any thoughts or observations that you think are pertinent to this subject. Thank you.