Welcome! As a valued member of AHF, you have access to our Self-Op Project which provides members and potential members with the resources they need to stay self-op, or assist like-minded facilities, with turning self-op. AHF is the only national association solely dedicated to furthering the self-operated foodservice industry. 

The form below will help our Rapid Response Team identify your immediate needs and determine which team members can lend you the assistance you need. Please complete the form to the best of your ability. Both members and non-members of AHF should complete this form as an initial step to reaching out to our Response Team.

The more information you provide us, the better we can lend you assistance and pair you with a representative from our Rapid Response Team. 

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* 1. Please provide your contact information so that we can reach out to you and lend support. AHF's team will keep your responses confidential to only those within our committee and our staff.

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* 2. By completing this form, you are giving AHF's Rapid Response Team (RRT) authorization to review the data you will enter into this survey in an effort to lend you assistance. You are providing AHF with permission to contact you regarding your request and the data provided here. You are providing AHF's RRT authorization to discuss your situation with you. 

AHF will keep all data confidential within its RRT. No data provided here will be made public. Your responses are confidential. You may provide as little or as much information as you like through the survey. The more information you provide the more support we can lend.

You understand that the RRT will discuss your scenario with you and lend advice and recommendations, however at no time with AHF be held liable or indemnify respondents for any actions taken as a result of conversations with our RRT. Decisions made by you, or others, for your facility, are your own and at no time will AHF pressure you to make specific decisions. AHF's Rapid Response Team serves as a support system at your request.

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