Social Media and the Culture Sector 2012

A survey to research how (and if) social media works within the culture sector (museums, art galleries and heritage venues). This is the same survey I ran in 2011. While I wanted to modify a few of the questions, I felt it was best to leave it the same but please feel free to use the comments to expand your answers.

This survey is being run by Mar Dixon (@MarDixon) to be shared with everyone.

All data recorded will be kept anonymous, however, some data might be shared (such as quotes, etc).

If you require any additional information, please feel free to contact me at

Thank you!

* 1. How long has your institution been using social media?

  Less than a year 1-2 years 2-3 years More than 3 years

* 2. Do you feel social media has improved your institutions attendance?

  Yes Somewhat Not Sure No
Improved Attendance

* 3. Do you feel there is any link between social media & footfall on:

  Yes A little Not Sure No N/A
Ticket office
Online shop?

* 4. Would you recommend institutions who are not using social media to use it?

  Yes Possibility Not Sure No

* 5. Please explain a typical day with social media for your institution. This could be sharing links to new exhibitions, answering queries, starting a new hashtag event, or even asking followers for coffee! We would just like to get a general idea of the different levels of engagement.

* 6. What social media works best for your institution?

  Twitter Facebook Blogging
Social Media Options

* 7. Please briefly explain your reason for choosing that particular social media (eg aims, ambitions, audience share etc.)

* 8. Additional Comments:

* 9. And finally, please fill in your details. Please note this information will not be shared and is for our use only.

Thank you for taking the time to fill in our survey. We will share the data with you as soon as possible.