Our mission:
To conserve distinctive ecosystems and landscapes for the benefit of all from the Union River and Frenchman Bay watersheds east to the Hancock County line.     

Thank you for taking the time to respond to this survey. Frenchman Bay Conservancy (FBC) is developing a long-range plan and seeks the opinions of people who have a current or potential interest in land conservation in the Schoodic Corridor and Union River and Frenchman Bay watersheds.

We wellcome your feedback and suggestions to help assess FBC’s work as it is today and to develop priorities for the future.

The questionnaire that follows takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.  Please respond by February 17.

To show our appreciation, we invite you to enter to win one of two $50 gift certificates to Union River Lobster Pot in Ellsworth!  All individual survey responses are anonymous and will be kept completely separate from any contact information you may choose to provide.
We appreciate your input!

* 1. In what ways have you participated with FBC?  Please check all that apply.

* 2. Overall, how important is it for FBC to conserve land in its service area: the Schoodic Corridor, Union River and Frenchman Bay watersheds?

  5 - Extremely important 4 3 2 1 - Not at all important
Please select a number on a 5-point scale where "5" means it is "extremely important" and "1" means it is "not at all important".

* 3. Are there specific areas, locations or parcels you would like to see conserved? If so, please list below.

* 4. Following is a list of eight ways in which FBC is likely to invest time and resources over the coming years.  Please prioritize these in order of their importance – where you would like to see the greatest and least emphasis – by numbering each item with 1 being highest priority and 8 being the lowest priority.

* 5. Please comment on your prioritization or suggest any other important activities that FBC should be involved in.

* 6. To what extent do you favor FBC working with cities and towns in our service area to support more walkable and bikeable communities?

  5 - Favor strongly 4 3 2 1 - Do not favor at all DK
Please select a number on a 5-point scale where "5" means you favor this strongly and "1" means you do not favor this at all. If you do not have an opinion, please indicate “DK” (Don’t Know).

* 7. Overall, how beneficial do you feel FBC’s activities are to the residents of our region?

  5 - Extremely beneficial 4 3 2 1 - Not at all beneficial
Please select a number on a 5-point scale where "5" means they are "extremely beneficial" and "1" means they are "not at all beneficial".

* 8. Please share your thoughts on ways in which FBC’s activities are or are not beneficial.

* 9. Below is the same list of ways FBC may invest time and resources that you prioritized in a previous question.  Now, please rate how you see FBC’s current performance in each of these areas on a 5-point scale where "5" means it is "excellent" and "1" means it is "very poor".  If you do not have an opinion, please indicate DK (Don't Know).

  5 - Excellent 4 3 2 1 - Very poor DK
A. Ensure people have access to water - the coast, ponds and streams.
b. Get kids outside and connected with the land through in-depth partnerships with K-12 schools.
C. Create and maintain walking and hiking trails.  
D. Protect places for hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities.
E. Engage area residents and visitors with land and water through a range of programs, events, publications and online resources.
F. Support economic uses of land and water such as forestry, farming fishing and aquaculture.
G. Take on large scale projects such as the Schoodic to Schoodic and Union River Corridors.
H. Protect wildlife habitats for long-term ecological resilience.

* 10. Which, if any, of the following FBC preserves have you visited?  (Check all that apply.)

* 11. What suggestions do you have for improving any of FBC’s land protection, stewardship or community engagement activities?

* 12. Please provide some information about you.

What are the top ways you prefer to learn about FBC’s news and activities? (Check up to 3 choices.)

* 13. What is your age?

* 14. Are you a member of the Blue Heron Society, with a gift of $1000 or more annually?

* 15. Please check which best describes you.

* 16. If you live or work in the area, in which town or area primarily?

* 17. Please provide any additional comments or suggestions to help Frenchman Bay Conservancy plan for the future.

Thank you for your responses! 

Please see options below. Our consultants who will be analyzing survey data will keep any contact information you provide completely separate from your survey responses.

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* 19. OPTIONAL: If you would like to be notified of volunteering opportunities with FBC please provide your name and e-mail:

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