Pembrokeshire County Council provides a much loved and needed public library service, free and available to everyone.

However, public library services across the UK are having to make difficult decisions and Pembrokeshire is no exception. We need to reduce our budget while making sure that we focus services where they are needed most. We need your help in making sure that we have an up-to-date understanding of your needs, and to help us to make the best decisions, so that we can continue to provide library services for the whole county.

From May to August, we are running a public survey, holding public meetings, focus groups and conversations with as many people as possible, to gather your views and ideas. In the autumn, we will use your feedback to try and develop a model that works. This model will then be subject to a formal public consultation.

For now, we want to hear from you, whether you use libraries or not. The survey asks you 12 questions about what you think is important, why and how you use (or don't use) libraries and your thoughts on how we can reduce costs.

Thank you for completing this survey, your input is much appreciated.
Mae’r eitem hon ar gael yn Gymraeg hefyd / This item is also available in Welsh