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Disclaimer: This survey contains questions about sexual experiences and sexuality. All questions in this survey are optional, you have the freedom to skip questions if you choose to. 

Meridian wants to hear from you about your experiences accessing sexual health services and finding your community to help us build appropriate programs and services.

Meridian will be developing sexual health campaigns designed with and for our communities accessing our services. Survey questions have been designed to increase visibility of different lived experiences, increase recognition of diversity within our communities and promote inclusion. Contact details will only be recorded for survey participants who wish to participate in focus groups.  
If you would like to contribute to our sexual health campaigns but the survey does not apply to you, or if you would like to provide feedback on this survey, please email us at

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* 1. Completing this survey is voluntary, and you can skip any question you don't want to answer. You do not need to provide your name or any information that can be used to identify you to complete this survey. However, if you would like to enter the raffle to win a voucher, you will need to provide a phone number or email address so we can contact you if you win. We ask for this information on a separate page at the end of the survey. Your contact information will be stored separately from your survey responses so that your responses remain anonymous.

Participating in the raffle is completely optional. If you choose not to participate in the raffle, you do not need to provide your name or any other information that can be used to identify you.

The information you provide in this survey will be kept private and secure. It will be combined with other responses before we share the results with anyone outside of Meridian. The combined results will be used by Meridian to develop and inform sexual health projects, campaigns, and services. They may also be used in Meridian’s reports to the ACT Government and reports that we share publicly.

If you are happy for us to use your survey responses in these ways, please tick the consent box below.

Note: We will provide more information about how we will secure and use your contact details at the end of the survey if you can choose to opt into the raffle.

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