* 1. Please indicate which school your child attends.
Check all that apply.

* 2. My child is participates in the following program(s).....(select any and all that apply)

* 3. Students are achieving at school (good state test scores, college & career readiness, improving English for language learners). Mark only one answer.

* 4. What can schools do to improve student achievement? Please comment below.

* 5. Schools encourage parental involvement and participation.
Mark only one answer. 

* 6. How can schools helps parents become more involved and participate in more school activities? Please comment below.

* 7. Schools maintain a positive school climate (students feel safe at school and have an adult who they can confide in). Mark only one answer.

* 8. How can schools help students feel more safe and connected at school?  Please comment below.

* 9. Schools ensure sufficient student access to instructional materials, including technology.
Mark only one answer.

* 10. How can schools better provide student access to materials and technology? Please comment below.

* 11. The schools are safe, clean and in good condition (bathrooms, drinking fountains, etc). Mark only one answer.

* 12. How can Geyserville USD best improve facilities at your school?

* 13. The district staff motivates students to learn and succeed in school.

* 14. What can our district do to improve and help motivate your child to succeed?

* 15. The following list includes the State's 8 priority areas required in a district's LCAP.  Of these, what do you think the District's top 3 areas should be? (Please select your top three choices)