Welcome to Lowcountry Yoga's 'My Yoga - My Home' Survey!

Please take a moment to share what would make the PERFECT schedule for YOU. This survey is an important opportunity for you to share what works best for YOU in your practice.

Great Yoga, Incredible Teachers and most importantly - a Beautiful Community of Extraordinary Individuals are what make Lowcountry Yoga so special. Each of these pieces work together to create our yoga home - and as the stewards of your yoga home, we are committed to having class in session when you need us the most.

Over the past two years, we have regularly asked for your feedback as we considered seasonal changes to the schedule. This longitudinal survey is the next level of that process. Instead of asking you about your preferences on a quarterly basis, we ask that you complete this survey now and then again - only if - your schedule or preferences change.

In addition to asking you about the days, times and class styles you most prefer, we also want to know what you want to learn more about (...things we might be able to provide through workshops or special events), your interest in retreats and special programming, additional opportunities to take yoga on the road through on-line formats and an open box for you to share anything else that you think we should know or consider. Ultimately, all of this information ensures that we are prepared to
curate schedules and programs that best fit your lives!

Due to the scope of what we are asking, this survey is a bit longer than some of our past ones - but no worries - it still should only take a few minutes of your time. As I mentioned above, you only need to complete this survey once - unless your schedule or preferences should change. If they do, scan the QR code in-studio and update your information.

Thank you for participating in our survey and sharing your thoughts. I cannot overstate how important your feedback is.

Thank you from all of us,
~ Erica