1. Welcome

Thank you for your help. We are determining what the best topic will be for our first Brand Leadership teleclass. Your input is very valuable to us.

* 1. Brand Leadership includes:
Personal Branding
Organizational Branding
Executive Branding
Organizational Development
Strategic Planning (as it works within brand development)
Coaching/Professional Development

what is most interesting at this time for you to learn more about?

* 3. If you could take a FREE teleclass (not necessarily webinar - but a call-in seminar)

If you could only take away 1 - 2 new ideas - what topic is MOST appealing to you for this FREE virtual class?

* 4. What days or times are best for you to take this class?

* 5. Your insight has been wonderful and I appreciate your help. This question is purely optional.

Jessi LaCosta, Coach and Strategist