How I Got Into Grad School

Share your experiences getting into AuD programs to help the next generation of audiologists! These responses may be shared with prospective students through resources such as social media accounts, the SAA website, or Student Community at .

* 1. Year in AuD Program

* 2. Undergraduate GPA

* 3. GRE Score - Verbal

* 4. GRE Score - Quantitative

* 5. GRE Score - Writing

* 6. What experiences do you think made you a successful applicant?
In a few sentences, you may want to comment on undergraduate major, clinical experience, research, volunteerism, etc.

* 7. What AuD programs did you apply to? Please list.

* 8. What AuD programs were you accepted to? Please list.

* 9. What advice would you give to future AuD applicants?
In a few sentences, please feel free to share something you wish you had known when you started the process, words of encouragement, etc.