Is your organisation breaking new ground with its Internet of Things (IoT) project or research? Do you have deep IoT insights or expertise to share?

IoT Hub is inviting speakers for the 2020 IoT Festival Online, which which will run online for three months from September to December 2020.

We are looking for speakers that can discuss the realities of IoT, including key issues to consider, business benefits, key challenges and their successes. Please do not submit sales pitches for products or services.

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Please do not submit a sales pitch for a product/solution. We are looking for speakers to talk about real life IoT projects, research, or to share insights about IoT.

If you want to speak about an IoT project, please explain: whether you represent the technology suppler or end user, the goal of the project, when the project was started/completed, key consultants/services providers/tech vendors involved, and provide links to further information about the project (if available).

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