HAT 2018 Summer Season Greatest Hits Survey

This June, we will be celebrating our Four-Year Anniversary… However, because we started in the summer, this summer will actually be our Fifth summer doing theatre in downtown Sydney!

To commemorate the event, we’re planning Summer Season of some of our Greatest Hits!

In less than Four Years, we’ve produced 46 Mainstage Productions and dozens of special events and concerts. Obviously, we can’t do all our favourites, so we thought we’d reach out to our patrons and see what shows you’d like us to bring back that you might have missed or that you’d like to see again!

We’ll be taking other factors into consideration as well, but your feedback is very important to us and we’d like to know what you’re most excited about as we make decisions about the Summer.

Select any productions that you might be interested in to make your voice heard - you can select as many as you'd like!

On behalf of all our actors, directors, musicians, technicians, crews, stage managers, and volunteers, I want to thank you for joining us for this incredible season and for the past (almost) four years. We couldn’t do it without you and can’t wait to show you what we’re planning next!

Wesley J. Colford
Highland Arts Theatre, Artistic Director

Question Title

* 1. What shows would you be interested in seeing again (or for the first time!) as part of our 2018 HAT Greatest Hits Summer Season? (Choose as many as you'd like)