* 1. Do you work for a radio station?

* 2. In what city and state is your station located?

* 3. Does your station offer:

* 4. If your station offers downloads or podcasts, how many downloads are your individual shows getting?

* 5. Has your station seen an increased number of podcast downloads over the past year?

* 6. What kind of promotion do you give your podcasts?

* 7. Is podcasting important to the long-term future of your station?

* 8. Does your station leadership view podcasting as important to the long-term future of your station?

* 9. Do you believe traditional radio broadcasters have an advantage over online-only podcasters when it comes to attracting an audience?

* 10. How important is podcasting to your station’s future success?

* 11. Over the past year, have your station’s on-air (not internet) ratings for your target demographic

* 12. To what do you attribute your stations’ ratings changes or lack thereof?

* 13. What do you believe are the chief challenges you (or your station) face when it comes to increasing distribution of your podcasts?

* 14. What do you believe are the best methods for radio stations to increase distribution of podcasts?

* 15. How important is it for broadcasting schools and training programs to teach radio students about podcasting techniques?

* 16. What are the most important skills new broadcasters can have?

  Very important Somewhat important Neutral Not important Least important
Audio production skills
Good voice
Technical abilities when it comes to operating a board
Social media expertise
Video production skills
Music knowledge
A sense of curiosity when it comes to new and emerging technologies
Interacts well with co-workers
Interacts well with audience
Follows instructions from station leaders

* 17. How confident are you about the future of the radio industry in terms of over-the-air broadcasts continuing to be profitable for the next 10-20 years?

* 18. Do you believe podcasting (or something like it) will grow in popularity in the next 10-20 years?

* 19. Do you believe there are good future job prospects in the radio industry?

* 20. Do you believe there are good future job prospects in online audio, such as podcasting and streaming radio?

* 21. What could the radio industry do to ensure its long-term growth and profitability?