Thanks for being a STEM STARS Scholar and a part of this important program to enhance STEM education and teaching in our region.  We welcome your participation in these efforts and seek your input through this short survey about your STEM STARS experiences. Please take time to share these with us by completing the 10 minute survey. Your feedback will be invaluable in helping to shape the program's content and structure. Your participation is voluntary, your responses are confidential and will have no influence on your STEM STARS participation or your current or future status in your affiliated institution.

If you have questions about the program or the survey, please contact????

Thank You

* 1. Institutional Affiliation. Check one only.

* 2. Academic year. Write in year eg 2016 for 2016-2017; 2017 for 2017-2018 etc

* 3. Date enrolled in STEM STARS

Date / Time

* 4. Undergraduate Major or Discipline. Write out for eg biology, chemistry, mathematics, chemical engineering, etc

* 5. Undergraduate Minor or Discipline. Write out for eg biology, chemistry, mathematics, chemical engineering, etc

* 6. Degree Anticipated. Indicate if BA, BS or MA, MS

* 7. Certification Anticipated

* 8. How did you hear about STEM STARS?

* 9. Why did you enroll in STEM STARS?

* 10. Are you enrolled in any other outreach or enrichment program?

* 11. If yes, please write in the program's name.

* 12. What did you expect to gain from participation in the STEM STARS program? Check all that apply

* 13. To what extent have these expectations been met?

  Not at all A little Somewhat A moderate amount A great deal
Academc course support
Psychosocial support
Mentoring support
MAT guidance and support
Praxis guidance and support

* 14. Please rate your progress in the following areas

  High Medium Low
Course work

* 15. Have you encountered any major challenges as you seek to complete the MAT?

* 16. If yes, please indicate

* 17. Have you encountered any major challenges as you seek to complete the Praxis?

* 18. If yes, please indicate

* 19. To date, what has been STEM STARS

* 20. What recommendations do you have for the STEM STARS program administrators?