Welcome Former Students & Graduates!

St. Mary graduates and former students of all ages are encouraged to visit the school and celebrate the mass and Open House that initiates the annual Catholic Schools Week celebration the last weekend of January.
Alumni, memories or memorabilia are welcome at anytime!

St. Mary Alumni are encouraged to stay in touch!
Please complete the Alumni Registration Survey and it will be submitted to the Alumni Committee.
You can contact Jo Ann Daley at (910) 762-5491, ext. 110 or email the Alumni Committee at jdaley@thestmaryparish.org.

* 1. Contact Information

* 2. Education Information

* 3. Educational Achievements

* 4. Current Employer - Job Title

* 5. Future Plans? Education, travel, etc?

* 6. Testimonial - Tell us how attending St. Mary School affected your life, career personal interests.

* 9. Thank you for completing the survey! Please submit any additional information or a message in the box below.