This form is a tool for collecting personal writings about Amherst College students' experiences of socioeconomic class, on campus or elsewhere. The intent of this project is to inform students (and other members of the college community) about the range of backgrounds and experiences in our student body. Submissions may address any topic the author chooses, so long as it is related to class in some way.

The pieces may appear in multiple contexts. Ultimately, there will be an event in which the authors of these essays read an unidentified peer's writing aloud to an audience. Leading up to this event, essays may be excerpted or printed in "The Amherst Student" or "The Indicator," in order to reach a wider audience and generate interest in the performance event. Essays may also be archived on an Amherst College web site, such as a sub-page on the Multicultural Resource Center site. You may express any exceptions you have to those possibilities below.

* 1. How much information would you like to accompany your written piece?

* 2. If you would like to participate in the performance event, please enter your name and email address below. Participants will receive a piece written by an unidentified peer, and will read it aloud to an audience. If you do not share your information, you cannot be contacted to take part in the event, but your piece may still be read.

The only person who will see your name connected to this personal essay submission (unless otherwise specified above) is Jessica Mestre '10, Student Life Fellow, the staff member in the Dean of Students Office who is coordinating these efforts.