Donor Information

* 1. Donor Contact Information

* 2. Donor Phone

* 3. Preferable Form of Contact

* 4. How Many Kids Would You Like to Sponsor?

* 5. Do You Have Any Specific Age Requirements for Children You Would Like to Sponsor?

* 6. If Yes, What Are They?

* 7. Would You Be Agreeable to Put The Social Worker's Name On the Gift Tag for sorting purposes only?

* 8. Number of Years Involved in Project

* 9. Interest in Returning Next Year?

Pickup Information

* 10. Pickup Address (If Different From Donor Address)

* 11. Contact Name For Pickup (If Different)

* 12. Is A Large Truck Needed For Pickup?

* 13. Special Pickup Instructions If Necessary

* 14. Are You Able to Have The Donations Picked Up Before December 15th?

* 15. If No, What Is The Earliest Date You Are Able to Have The Donations Picked Up?

For transportation purposes, this year we are asking that gift bags be used as an alternative to wrapping paper! Thank you so much for your generosity and for supporting our annual holiday drive!