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In order to effectively review responses from multiple entities, AIH requests responses to contain the following sections, at least. It is not necessary that the sections follow the order below.

a) Entity information including legal name of Contractor, primary address and contact information, state of incorporation, and state in which doing business.
b) Entity qualifications demonstrating that Contractor is qualified to provide certification examination support services to AIH
c) Staff qualifications demonstrating that the Contractor employs qualified and experienced staff. For each staff member presented, the Proposal must clearly state whether the individual is an employee or a contractor of the firm.
d) Firm reliability and credibility, which should be demonstrated by providing statements and/or evidence for the following:

i. Length of time that the proposing firm has provided similar services
ii. Number of staff employed by firm (provide answer in terms of Full-Time Equivalent or FTE)
iii. How long has firm been operating from its existing principal place of business? (While not mandatory, information volunteered about period of lease or nature of ownership will assist evaluation)
iv.Contact information for at least 3 references from other entities that Contractor currently or in recent past has provided similar services to.

Format of response
a) Responses to this RFI are requested to be contained in a single electronic file in PDF format
b) It is recommended that all pages of the responses to this RFI be formatted for letter-sized paper, to extent possible.
c) There is no page limit, but respondents are encouraged to submit concise proposals.

Responses must be submitted no later than 8:00 a.m. Pacific Time on July 26, 2021.

American Institute of Hydrology Contact for Questions Regarding Submittals: (Please use subject line “AIH – Certification Exam Support”)

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* 5. Responses to this RFI are requested to be contained in a single electronic file in PDF format.

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