Many thanks for agreeing to take part in our parent survey.

To thank you for your time, everyone who takes part can be included in a prize draw where each of five winners will receive their choice of Worlds Apart Toys to the value of £60!

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* 1. Where do you live?

* 2. Which of the following age categories do your children fall into? (tick all that apply)

* 3. Do you work?

* 4. If a neighbour you are not overly friendly with knocked on your door and asked to borrow say, an egg, would you:

* 5. When did a neighbour last knock on your door asking to borrow something?

* 6. You’re in the middle of preparing the dinner and find you are missing an ingredient, do you:

* 7. Do you feel we live in a society with less of a sense of community today compared to when you were a child?

* 8. Do you enjoy being part of a community?

* 9. In an ideal world and without the pressures of time, would you prefer to do your weekly shopping:

* 10. Do you have a local post office within easy walking distance of your house?

* 11. How often do your children go next door/along the street to ask the neighbours’ kids if they want to play?

* 12. When you were a child, did you ask the neighbours’ kids if they wanted to play more often than your children do today?

* 13. Do your children ever have time ‘to be bored’, giving them the opportunity to use their initiative to find something to do / create a game?

* 14. Do you think your children are as sociable as you were as a child?

* 15. How often do your children see their grandparents?

* 16. Is this less than you used to see your grandparents when you were a child?

* 17. Do your children play less and work more compared to when you were little?

* 18. Do you think there is too much academic pressure on young children nowadays?

* 19. How many after school / weekend clubs / classes do your children have each week?

* 20. Are these clubs: (tick all that are appropriate)

* 21. Do you find it hard to find time after school when both your children and their friends are available so that they can get together and play?

* 22. Do have aspirations for what you would like your children to do or are you happy for them to find their own way in life?

* 23. Do you ever feel peer pressure to put your children into certain clubs?

* 24. AND FINALLY, When it comes to bedtime, please tick the box that most appropriately sums up your thoughts.

* 25. Would you like to enter the free prize draw?