Consultation Questionnaire

Objective : The objective of this Questionnaire is to gather input from our parishioners on the Parish Vision and Mission based on the draft statements recently prepared by the Parish Council led by Fr Noel. This is part of a process leading to a five year plan driving parish commitments and activities. The drafts of the statements are outlined below and we value your feedback.
Background Definitions :
Vision : One clear and concise dream of changing the future for our parish community. Answers the question, How will our parish be different in 5 years resulting from what we do?
Mission : Answers, What is our unique contribution to achieve our vision.
Resurrection Vision : A vibrant, embracing and serving Catholic Community of Christ’s Disciples
Resurrection Mission : To joyfully and actively celebrate the sacraments (Worship) and provide lifelong spiritual formation (Word) that nourishes our faith to lovingly serve the world (Witness)

* 1. Do You agree with the Resurrection Vision?

* 2. Would You Change the Vision?

* 3. Do You agree with the Resurrection Mission?

* 4. Would You change the Mission?

* 5. Is there anything additional You would like to add?

* 6. Are You registered with the Parish?