* 1. What is your # 1 greatest challenge regarding your health?

* 2. Core Goal, what is the core goal for the future of your health? If you were to have a discussion w/Laurie after your time working together, what would have to happen in your life and health, for you to feel happy with your progress?

* 3. How much do you consider access to your personal creativity (doesn't necessarily mean 'art', rather your capacity to connect with the creative life force in you) as important in healing?

* 4. Belief, on a scale of 1-10 (10 being stronger than superwoman) how strongly do you believe working w/Laurie can get you there, and why?

* 5. What do you feel is your biggest obstacle keeping you from creating your health right now?

* 6. What is your main motivation for joining Laurie’s VIP experience right now? Why is this urgent for you?

* 7. When you think about a Secure Medical Future for yourself, what does that look like, include what that would allow you do be, do, or have?

* 8. If someone advised me to invest $3000 in my health via a personalized health program, I would