Recycling Survey

Lake County Public Works and the Cloud City Conservation Center (C4) are partnering to make the county’s recycling work better. So far, we've asked Lake County residents what they appreciate about recycling and which parts they find confusing. Now, we're testing messages for signs at the recycling center and a campaign to help everyone know how best to recycle in Lake County.

You can help! Please answer these 12 quick questions.

* 1. Lake County’s has been finding  trash in the recycling and items in the wrong bins. Which slogan would best encourage people to focus on putting only the right items in recycling bins?

* 2. For each message, please rate how motivating it is to you:

  Very motivating Somewhat motivating Not motivating
We have community pride in our mountains and lakes, and we recycle to protect our environment.
Recycling saves you money.
Join us, it’s easy – we’ll show you how to recycle right!

* 3. Would a flyer featuring community members and their recycling tips help and/or inspire you to recycle? 

Why I Recycle

* 4. Signing a recycling pledge would... (please check all that apply)

* 5. How well would something like this help you to know what you can and can’t recycle?

Below is sample text for recycling bins. (A picture of recyclables would go with each sign.) For each, please tell us if it is clear and how it could be better.

* 6. PAPER
office paper and magazines
shredded paper in clear plastic bags
clean and dry
no food contact

cereal boxes / paper towel rolls / poster board
dry and flattened
no food contact
no milk cartons, waxed cardboard, or TetraPaks

* 8. GLASS
bottles and jars only
clean and empty
no bottle caps or jar lids

clean and empty
clean and dry foil

tuna cans, soup cans, etc.
no bottle caps or jar lids
no scrap metal

bottles and jugs only
clean and empty
no plastic bags or plastic film
no Styrofoam

* 12. Please add any other comments that you may have on how to make Lake County’s signs more clear.

* 13. To enter a drawing for prizes, please enter your contact info:

Thanks so much for your help!

Join us for the recycling campaign launch Saturday, June 2nd, at the Leadville Community Cleanup!