* 1. If you don't attend events regularly, what are the reasons you don't attend events?

* 2. Why do you attend speakers?

* 3. What topics do you want to learn more about? (ex: politics, health and wellness, etc.)

* 4. What type of music would you like to go and listen to? (ex: hip-hop, country, etc.)

* 5. Which of the following events would you attend?

* 6. How do you currently find out about our events?

* 7. What genre of movie would you like to see on campus? (ex: comedy, drama, etc.)

* 8. How do you feel about the amounts of events that are on campus?

* 9. What days/times of the week are you most likely to attend an event?

* 10. What other events would you like to see brought to campus?

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