Student Survey

* 3. Is your school kept clean?

* 4. Do you feel safe at school?

* 5. Do activities and people at school make you feel like you belong at school?

* 6. What does bullying mean?

* 7. Have you ever been bullied by someone at school?

* 8. Have you ever seen someone being bullied at school?

* 9. Do you think anti-bullying activities and assemblies reduce bullying?

* 10. Are ALL students treated fairly and equally at school?

* 11. Is there a teacher or other adult who notices when you are not at school?

* 12. Is there a teacher of other adult who tells you when you do a good job at school?

* 13. Is there an adult at school you can talk to about problems you have at school?

* 14. Do you plan or want to go to college or some other school after high school?

* 15. What do you like most about your school?

* 16. What do you feel would make your school better?