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Dear NEES-R Researchers and Site Operations Managers,

The NEESreu program hosts between 25-30 students at between 5-7 NEES equipment sites. Our program runs from mid-May to late August and consists of an orientation meeting; on-line community activities including a webinar series, and a young researcher symposium. Our programming enhances and supports the student research component of the program. The program also promotes technical writing and communication skills through its final paper and poster requirements. Researchers with REU students supplemental to NEES-R project may include their students in the NEESreu program. NEES will provide travel support to some students to attend the in-person events (orientation and young researcher symposium). If you have supplemental REU students please fill out the supplemental REU student form below and submit their information. Currently, we are collecting information about the number of students and researchers. We will be in contact in the spring about how the NEESreu program can support your student. If you have questions or concerns please contact:

Alicia Lyman-Holt
NEESreu coordinator

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